Monday, 23 May 2016

You Have to Know When To Be Ruthless

5:36 and the start of another goal day. There's a lot to get done today and I'm starting it off with this article.

You have to know when to be ruthless. You will have times in your life where people will be ruthless to you. I've used the world people in that sentence because whether it's 'the government' or 'companies'... they're just comprised of people anyway.

It's happened to me quite a lot in life- maybe it will happen less to you. Or you could be in a situation where things are more ruthless than they are for me. Sure some people in Britain might complain they have it tough but it's not exactly 'tough' compared to being in Afghanistan. Be thankful for what you have but aim to reach your goals and make it better.

So you have to be ruthless in pursuit of your goals. You can't have 'wishful thinking'- just a naive hope that things will be good. Look for concrete evidence. Try and know as much about a situation or person as you can if you need to make an important decision. Trust your instincts- if you have developed them in the right way they will be right the vast majority of the time.

At the same time, you have to know when not to be ruthless. If I consider someone a friend, or someone who can help me reach my goals and probably me help them rich theirs I will not be ruthless with them. Or it would take me a LOT for me to be ruthless- they would have to change from someone who's helped me with my goals to an extent to someone who's totally stopping me reaching my goals. Those kind of people are rare but they are out there.

I keep an open mind on people who haven't been in contact with me for while but who come back into contact with me. Again you have to set boundaries but there's been one guy recently who hadn't talked to me for a while but now he is and it's fine.

Anyway... lots to get done. Hopefully you got something out of this article.

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