Thursday, 19 May 2016

Money Will Be Worthless When I'm Dead

Ha... OK then time for a real bit of off the cuff bit of writing.

Money Will Be Worthless When I'm Dead.

Quite morbid. 32 years alive... alive... pretty much all of that I have been CAREFUL WITH MONEY. Ironically I would say in 2016 there are certain things I could have done to hustle for it more- and I will be doing. But even when I'm worth more money and get more money... I RARELY SPEND IT. For most people in the UK around my 'age range' it's the other way round. It's get drunk, kill some brain cells have no money. It's go to uni (I was conditioned into that too... see my 'Should You Go to University' post... one of my best on this site)... then just have DEBT (that's right... DEBT... loans are not FREE money... although in the UK if you don't earn enough... eventually it's free!)

The whole thing is, you are conditioned by your parents and upbringing. Sure I might have locked myself in the bathroom at the age of 13 to NOT GO TO CHURCH EVER AGAIN but I think I inherited the not piss away money gene even more than my Chartered Accountant father as I DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY TO CHARITY (unlike him who over his lifetime has probably given more than £100,000). The amount of surreal shit already in this article OBVS DESERVES A LOL.

I am my favourite charity.

So yeah... I do like hustling money just for something to do really, not because I am a consumerist sheep. Most of the things I do buy are good value. Like so far I have a car this year that so far I have paid £500 for which is probably worth at least £1500. I'm good at buying things- I'm actually GOOD at quite a lot of things, but bad at others. But that's fine... I mean like it's good to be REALISTIC that you are not THE BEST IN THE WORLD... just fine to set alright goals for yourself and do those.

I may AIM TO CONDITION MYSELF just to spend more money... because I can if I want to.

I cashed out of poker because being frank with you over the past week or so I have been playing WELL with just two quite big mistakes one noise related and the other set over set related (bit tilt maybe) because I had just lost KK va A2... PUSHED ALL IN PREFLOP. In fact if I listed all the bad beats in poker over the past 2 weeks the chances of them all happening... would like 1 in a thousand or something. Had a fair few yesterday but actually being FAIR I did get lucky twice because I just wanted to go all in. That is actually a slight weakness of mine... I'm playing REALLY BAD PLAYERS who will go all in with anything so sometimes I call and bet too much.

So yeah just cashed out. I may come back when/if I've got a full time job as my actual poker ability is still GOOD at least... I mean I was pissed off with myself yesterday and had 4 or 5 'bad beats'... but the reality is my losses overall over that day amounted to like... 40p. Word. Up. So yeah I actually did play some good hands... but I've looked at the situation atm and am not going to be playing cash games for a while. I have 2 tickets I won for free still to play and may play a bit today but by TAKING ALL MY MONEY OUT means I CAN'T play cash games even if I wanted to :).

Longest post in a while. That's the thing about writing... if you just do it a lot some bits will be good. I'd say this a pretty readable post for you and it'll have only taken me like 20 min max. OK... much more goal focused now as poker has been taking up TOO MUCH TIME... may do daily goal posts for a bit to keep myself accountable.

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