Thursday, 23 June 2016

Voted Remain

I have voted to Remain in the EU. This was probably the most difficult political decision of my life, based on many hours of research. Being directly honest with you, it was my position as a share investor that was the key factor. If we remain in the EU shares will continue to go up if we leave they will fall down sharply at least in the short term. If you're a share investor you probably know this already, but I was shocked just how much the market went down just at the THOUGHT we could leave the EU.

There also could be economic issues if we leave the EU. Plenty of companies have said so, but to be honest with you Martin Lewis and Chris Bailey believing there could be problems leads me to believe there at least could be. I can see how for the companies I partly own it could cause problems anyway.

I can understand why people might vote for Brexit. I am no fan at all of mass immigration. We pay too much to Brussles and they impose too many laws. I think this will be a close result either way- so your vote really does count in this election. Hundreds of people just from Poland read my last EU article...

I hope the closeness of this election will lead the UK to implement a tougher immigration policy. This may be difficult but with nearly half or just over half of voters thinking they should leave the EU they must try.

Anyway at least you know how I voted now. Probably the main thing you can take from this article is that if you're a share investor it's safer for you personally at the moment to vote Remain.

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