Sunday, 30 December 2018

2019 Goals

Let's get right into this...

Already done a quick preview by saying I want to purchase one or more properties in 2019...

Been spending quite a bit of time on this lately and connecting with some good people.

I easily have enough money to buy a property outright in West Yorkshire. However I still have a LOT to learn about property- despite organizing a buy to let and having researched it since around 2015. However with the contacts I have now, including Samuel Leeds, I feel I can do this in 2019... will keep you all updated. I may do other things such as 'rent to rent' or 'Serviced Accomodation'. I have lived in West Yorkshire (practically always Huddersfield) all my life and my first property will be there or South Yorkshire. I feel that with a good support team I will do this although I understand the challenges involved. Feel free to connect with me if you feel we could help each other with this.

I am reaching my financial goal in 2019. I believe my shares will be a lot higher this time next year than they are now. Twenty years doing shares now yet I am always learning and hopefully improving. Know some great people in this area and will be following their advice more. I will FORCE myself to do this financial goal even if it means pushing my comfort zone and doing new things. In fact if I don't I am saying now in public I will have to give 100 pounds to a beggar if I don't.

Mutual Fulfilment With High Value People

In a way this goes hand in hand with my financial goal- however you all know I don't judge people by how much money they are worth. I know some great people and want to maintain and improve my relationships with them however I am open to helping other great people reach their goals and hopefully they will help me too.

Fitness Goal

Writing this just after a walk... I really do need to go for a walk every day. And money is worthless upon death so fitness is crucial. Again... can go hand in hand with first 2 goals. If I'm doing something and making money I don't have time to eat unhealthy. I know that REALLY high value people in some ways don't like people who are a bit overweight (ha... well that depends on the person... but I know some girls won't etc)... so that's another motivator.

The thing is it is not COMPLEX. I just need to get my diet better and exercise more. So I'll weigh myself every week at least and do that.

Then there are other things I WANT to do. Might not make them public but I do want to and will aim to do them.

That's the good thing about goals... you have to become a different, better person to do them in some ways. I feel focused and ready to win.

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