Thursday, 13 December 2018


Very rare that I do this....

And if the writer doesn't want it up I'll take it down....

But this is the best poem I've read in a while so I'm posting it up....

From Russia with Love – Original Poem
ojfeatherstoneOctober 19, 2018poetry Post navigation


Opposite the corner store

Stood several Russian whores

Some very chic, some ragged

Few were young, mostly hagged

And Lenka said to Anya

Sneering through her cancer

Lifting her cigarette to Anya’s head

“I’ve never seen such an unnatural shade of red.

Anya you’re not the fire you think you are.”

Young Anya stood profusely

And pulled out a large cigar

Smiling upon Lenka’s frown

Whilst the others watched in silence and dread

Anya said “Bitter Lenka, you’ll soon be dead

I honestly can’t wait for your aids to spread

As quickly as your legs do every night

For every poor man who does you right

Your harsh words will be the death of you

You’re nothing but ghastly through and through

Yes, once you were tighter, you’re older and weak now

Let the young calves play, slaughter the cows”

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