Saturday, 22 December 2018

What You Want to Happen and What Will Happen

What You Want to Happen and What Will Happen

Word up...

Been getting a lot of views recently... so here's something that's on my mind...

Sometimes people believe what they WANT to happen will happen. Let's have a look at the 'second referendum' or 'People's Vote' (were the people voting last time rabbits?)

Because some people WANT this to happen they believe it WILL happen. But I personally believe it's unlikely. It's UK law that we have to leave the EU by March 29. The PM has said many times it won't happen. And it would take a long time to sort out.

I think there's a slight chance it will happen but it probably won't.

So when you're thinking about what may happen in the future aim to separate what you WANT to happen from what WILL happen. You have to look factually at the evidence.

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