Thursday, 1 July 2010


Hi all,

I've just decided that I want to become excellent at buying, negotiating and sales. So you can consider this a formal declaration of my goal which you can keep me accountable to!

Already kicked it off today with a negotiation of £50 worth of free products in one minute. And when I say 'free products' I don't mean I actually went out to buy something to get something 'free'. Was simple phone call that I recieved on behalf of an order- (placed by someone else!)

I think the main thing in sales is to be non need and non outcome dependent. I was almost disinterested in my negotiation because the product was of no interest to me. I was pretty assertive and asked direct questions. I made the conversation short because I have other phone calls that are more important.

Having this attitude (although not as direct or assertive in certain situations) is pretty key I believe.