Thursday, 27 November 2014

Northern VCT Investors' Day

Good afternoon all, My father Richard Howitt will be at the Northern VCT Investors' day in London tomorrow. Any questions you would like to ask about my share articles or any other share related matters please feel free to ask him. I may well be attending myself in future.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I'm just going to say that I'm now more focused than ever before about being a great writer and making money. It's like two passionate desires... and they should be there together. So many great writers have died poor even though they enriched the world. That isn't happening to me. My sister wouldn't even care if I died on the street, but I know I have to rely on myself to get money and that's fine. I will get it while still expressing myself, freedom of speech is vital.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Mark Howitt Replies to Comments!!

Quite a few comments here so going to blast out a quick reply...

This post was written as a simple and direct way to get people interested in investing in shares. So many people could do better in the long run investing in shares than having money in a bank account... especially if that bank account is earning 0% INTEREST... so for those people they're getting NO RETURN AT ALL on that money and they would NEVER earn 6%.

And nope I haven't 'thrown 75% of my total wealth in at the top of the market'. I've been investing in shares since 2005 and now I'm at a stage where 75% is in. I'm investing in INDIVIDUAL shares and have made some decent gains so far this year... but the really big gains will be in the long term future as these shares continue to go up.

Hopefully this article will interest people to check out my other articles on this subject to gain a more detailed understanding- yet I deliberately wrote this as a simple and direct post.

I am a person who's not afraid to hide behind a username and likes to write for different audiences- always directly speaking my mind. I guess that's why I have a worldwide selling novel and users from all around the world coming to visit my website every day.

Surreal Dream

Surreal Dream

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ethical Treatment of Writers?

I have quite an important point to make right now. I'm copying and pasting this message onto my blog too- so more people will see it. I posted a link on Albion's LinkedIn page to the article- and it was deleted a few hours later. There was a point made by Patrick Reeve about 'valuing journalism' in the talk. It was really touch and go about whether I should go to the seminar- I could definitely have made more money doing something else. And they delete a link giving an objective review of their seminar. Not good- especially since my father owns some of the shares. Really he'd be able to get a better return elsewhere...

Hmm... now I wonder if this could possibly SWAY my writing of the next two articles... hmm maybe it will SUBCONSCIOUSLY! I'll still give an objective view of Albion etc but treatment like that may well influence me!



Royal Mail

Royal Mail



Thursday, 20 November 2014

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Into Poker...

I've been playing poker again regularly for the past month and a half. I feel that I'm playing close to my previous peak already, maybe ever higher. Going to do more of this, happy to network with other poker people.

Santander Article

Santander Article

National Grid

New post on ShareProphets

Global Reach

Surprises me how many different people this blog connects with. I'd never specifically heard of the British Indian Ocean territory before, yet people came every day to visit this blog last month. I hadn't heard of a 'DoCoMo' either, yet people use that to access this site. It's cool, I like it. Smaller buzz than when people bought my novel in a country I hadn't heard of, but I still like the Global reach. I think some of my Asian viewers (I get quite a few from China every day) are because of my HSBC articles, and I plan to write more about them in the future. Everytime I write a share article interesting people check out my LinkedIn.

In future I want to connect with people more in different ways. I may to do some exclusive email articles. I appreciate all the donations I recieve from around the world too. Thanks for supporting me, and here's to 100,000 viewers!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

HSBC and Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's HSBC


Two thoughts. If you're bored doing something, don't do it. And even though my offensive game... could use some work my defensive money game is still great. I think it always will be. Time to keep pushing on... check out my new sp articles.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Thirty Thousand

So we made it! Thirty thousand views from all over the world. I really appreciate the support, thank you. This site has links from other interesting people now, and it’s benefited from me writing articles on other top sites. I’m in negotiations with other sites to write for them and if you’d like me to write for you feel free to contact me! As a mark of my appreciation, my novel Playing to Win will now be on sale at 60% off for two weeks. . A lot of what I write is just stream of consciousness stuff, but I spent eighteen months writing this, read through it about one hundred times and have done everything I can to make it as good as possible. Just as a direct message here- if people do not support writers eventually they will not be able to write anymore. I’m glad I have plenty of money from other sources, and love producing high quality free content, but I really do appreciate it when people invest the money and time to buy my novel.

We will reach six figures here. In the future I want to take more pictures and produce videos too hopefully. This site has helped me connect with many great people, so thanks again if you’re one of them reading this!