Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Discounted Playing to Win for ECF Forum Members

Quick post here.

A lot of traffic I get for this site is from ECF forum members. Obviously my 'politically incorrect' views attract some attention. I do bitch quite a bit on that to be honest, but I'd rather be a bit controversial than boring, especially if it reveals something about the chess world.

Anyway, because I know chess players like to be thrifty with their money, for one week I'm going to offer Playing to Win at half price for ECF forum members. If you get in touch with me via the comments or elsewhere, I'll send you the book for £4.75- you don't get many chess books that cheap!

Playing to Win

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Thank You

So yeah... haven't posted in ages. Blame google- I was going to do a quick post but it wouldn't load up...

If it paid enough, I'd be a writer more of the time. Note to self, next time you spend eighteen months writing a novel, do not target it at chessplayers, they are tight and will not admit it (bit like me ;)). However, some people reading this may not know that I've actually written another book. I did it in about 3 days, and it's sold more copies than that novel, and at a higher price.

I really appreciate it. It's funny, my shares can go up big time in a few days sometimes, but I get a much bigger buzz from winning a poker pot or selling my novel. When I daydream now, it's about winning the WSOP or being a worldwide famous author. The second is probably more likely to happen that the first... because live poker does seem to be quite manipulative- and I don't mean in the 'reading people and verbal sparring' way.

In the WSOP, the organisation are blatantly there to make as much money as possible- screw the players. They generate a lot of TV revenue and rake etc without giving it back to the players.

Still... I'm pretty sure I will make decent money in poker- it's what I like doing. Writing is kinda... more time consuming. I think my first novel not being a MEGA SMASH HIT WORLD WIDE kinda subconsciously pissed me off... but not too many people are selling novels at the age of twenty one. Still time. Maybe I should become famous and get a boob job like Katie Price. Then I could get someone to write for me while whoring myself out- winner.

Anyway... yeah. Thank you for people supporting my writing- the hits for this blog are way into four figures now, I check up on you too. Who knows, if I think the 'other book' might get some more sales I might even link it here, might shock you a bit though...