Saturday, 14 December 2013

Mr Moneysaving Expert

Who's the best at getting money? The person who has a great defensive game, understands the value and prices of things, gives great free advice... but who doesn't get £3000 a month salary (after tax) or a girl who has a rubbish defensive game, doesn't understand the value of things, recieves great free advice (but doesn't take it)... but who DOES get £3000 a month salary (after tax)?

Yep it's number two. Happens to be my sister.

Have to give credit in some ways though, because despite costing the family extra money in some ways, and throwing money away in others, she's the slowest member of the family in giving me birthday money usually lol!

Alright so that's quite a direct opening to a post, but it's a serious issue for me. Mentioned it briefly before, but need to hammer it into my mind. I give other people free advice about money (I like doing it) who use the advice better (think Stevie PUA)... and do get great value advice back (although high quality people will only give you a certain amount of time). But like... with my sister I've spent so much time giving free advice I'm just direct now about how she can help me reach my goals "I'd like some money." She'd rather spend it on clothes though.

So from now I'm only giving advice of any kind to people who VALUE it and TAKE ACTION. Those are the people who are worth my time.