Thursday, 14 November 2013

Your Narrative

Right... time for a new post. I'm getting to 20,000 hits this month, so this should accelerate it. Quick prelude... not sure it's the right move to give autistic people the role of 'moderator' in certain forums... whenever you deny free speech it's never a good idea. Personally, I always get heard anyway.

So... your narrative. Some people have no direction in their life- in some ways you could say it's not their fault. They are just doing the nice safe thing, going to uni, watching football etc etc. I wonder why, even though I know a lot of high quality people, very few people write down clear cut goals on the internet. I mean... in some ways that's the sensible thing to do... if you write down tough goals, logically you can fail. And who wants to fail in front of the world?

Far easier to be part of the herd. People have this built in 'survival' instinct... get rejected as a caveman, and you can die.

Unless you're willing to fail you'll never suceed in anything important though.

We're not cavemen now though, although a lot of people act like that. There's more to learn and discover than ever before. When you come to the end of your life, make sure you've done what YOU want, not just be a sheep.