Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Share Success

So my shares have been killing it for the last few days...

I don't doubt my ability anymore.

And I have to say the elite winners I know about shares were fine with me even when my shares weren't doing so well. Thank you!

I think overall for the past 12 months I have worked harder than ever before. So it's important to relax sometimes- makes you better overall. Nobody can work all the time- I can't anyway! I don't even want to.

Because you have to work SMART as well as HARD. It's taken a few hours sleep for me to even write this... I wanted to write something earlier today...

Life is doing about what you want as much as possible.

So it's important for me to keep my shares doing well... and still enjoy getting money in other ways.

The world is full of opportunities and I'm ready to take them... I'll keep you all posted.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Bought more @Shell and it's gone up :) ££££

Bought more @Shell and it's gone up :) ££££

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Bought Shell, Bargain at this Price

Bought Shell, Bargain at this Price.

Do You Think George Orwell Spent Ages on a Sunbed?

So this is more a writer's article...

I slept with a girl who was trying to be a writer once. She tried her best but just lacked that assertiveness you need to make it as a writer in today's world...

Anyway after we slept together she was alright with me and everything... but suggested I get a tan...

I told her I wasn't going to spend time getting a tan.

You can argue I haven't 'made it' as a writer... I'm not getting paid for writing this... yet I think I'm a good writer... overall on writing ability in the top one or two percent anyway...

And I think true writers... when they need to it's just bread and art. They are not out there getting drunk. They are not out there trying to pick up Prada.

Hell sometimes they don't even brush their teeth.

I think it's good to be detached from consumerism so you can write more purely.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Make Britain Great Again

Another early morning article...

Britain needs to be free of the EU (hopefully with some kind of deal, yet we shouldn't overpay) so it can be great again.

Needs to be a much tougher immigration policy. Only allow in people who clearly ADD VALUE. Don't allow in and/or deport those that don't. We need to do more of what we did in the past (when we ruled one third of the world) to make Britain Great Again.

Over 105,000 views on Much more to come...

Over 105,000 views on Much more to come...

Monday, 21 January 2019


Just a quick article about this as I am contacting and being contacted by a lot of property investors these days.

I am open to investing in property for the right return and learning experience. I have been researching property and have done one buy to let since 2015 so I know what the potential real returns are. I believe at some point I will be good at sourcing and negotiating property deals potentially by myself yet want to learn more first.

Any investment I make will be done on the principles of ADDING VALUE to the investment and also LEARNING from who I invest with. Please make contact if you believe you have a suitable investment.

Sunday, 20 January 2019


Property on my mind... want to get into this more, will keep working on it! Appreciate the advice from everyone and will keep you all posted.

Sunday Post


So busy making money I didn't even go out last night. And sure I made quite a lot but still... next week it's STOP making money at a set time, have a bath etc then go out... no point being a rich corpse.

I decided to just start writing and see what comes to mind...

UK shares doing better... I made... quite a lot on Friday...

The EU does last minute deals all the time and I think that's what will happen here...

On that subject...

I do pay attention to Brexit because it impacts shares. But any general mainstream news... I try and ignore it. Most of it is so biased... I even thought back recently to how it was years ago... it was even biased then. The best way to not be effected by it is not to watch it, and I totally agree that there should be no tax payer funding of the BBC and Channel 4. If someone wants to watch something either let them pay for it or let them try and sell ads.

Walk done- HAVE to do walk every day. It's like I should spend less time reading and on 'education' because you only have one body. Good to set a time for this before 8 every day...

105,000 views now and connecting with good people... they can feel the energy.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

None Stop Hustling


Last article pretty good... decent views so far... thought I'd do another one...

None stop hustling...

Days start well for me when I wake up and I can get started on my goals right away. Momentum is very important to me and everyone I feel. I like to do stuff on the internet to make money right away...

Which is why I have been doing that at 2am on Sat morn... and can hustle on the internet ALL DAY today if I want...

Because there is no such thing as 'work' and 'play' really. Ideally you should be doing what you want as much as possible. And the good news is with the internet etc you can do some things at any time...

Just keep that balance between the internet and 'real life' fun too... sometimes I haven't kept that...

So plan today is hustle on internet hard then out in Hudds tonight :)

Friday, 18 January 2019

Don't Doubt Your Ability

This is going to be a share article... yet applies to other areas too...

2018 was a bad year for my shares. I think to an extent I doubted my ability...

But I know a lot of share investors, and a quality the successful ones have is they don't get flustered. They are detached from shares in a way...

I'm doing a share job now which means I look at shares a lot...

Yet what I know now is that I must believe in my ability and trust my instincts. Would 180,000 people worldwide have read my share articles if I didn't have some ability in shares? Of course they wouldn't.

So yeah 2019... it's about trusting my instincts. I have a lot of elite winners that I talk to about shares but sometimes I am right and they are wrong. Of course on a lot of shares we agree and it's reassuring to know other people have the shares I do. For a lot of people I talk to now they will tell me what price they buy and sell at and I do the same with them.

So here's to making money in 2019 and happy to connect with other strong share investors!

Still learning about property, happy to network and want to make more practical progress soon.

Still learning about property, happy to network and want to make more practical progress soon.

My @SagaUK shares are up 8% in a few days. Nice to see I can still do shares... hopefully getting better with practice!

My @SagaUK shares are up 8% in a few days. Nice to see I can still do shares... hopefully getting better with practice!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Bought @SagaUK. Bargain at this price.

Bought @SagaUK. Bargain at this price.

Saturday, 12 January 2019


I'm still looking to invest in property as a relative beginner myself (I have done one buy to let)... what I understand now is for my first few properties or more I will need help so networking with good people. Happy to connect with all decent people in Yorkshire.

Thursday, 10 January 2019


Article here...

2019 has got off to a very positive start with shares and other activities.

However those close to me know I have been subject to potential theft as well as other things...

I am aiming to resolve these matters without taking legal action but will have to if needed.

However the positive side to this I have much more time for other activities including property so feel free to connect with me.

Thanks to all my great connections for your ongoing support. I will keep you all updated.

Mark Howitt

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Shares performing well again £££££

Shares performing well again £££££

Monday, 7 January 2019

More time will be spent on property, happy to connect.

More time will be spent on property, happy to connect.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Feel good... energy focused... ready to CRUSH.

Feel good... energy focused... ready to CRUSH.

Strong day for shares yesterday- up over £2000. Interesting meeting Sara Poskitt.

Strong day for shares yesterday- up over £2000. Interesting meeting Sara Poskitt.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Shares off to a strong start GOAL DAY.

Shares off to a strong start GOAL DAY.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019


So this is the first article of 2019...

I'm coming for everything they said I'd never have.

This year I'm using all my accumulated knowledge and experience... but I also plan to have the most focus ever. And be ruthless when needed.

I approach everyone with a neutral attitude. I'm never ruthless for no reason. But if people are going to try and STOP me reaching my goals... not a good idea for them. In fact it's already not a good idea for people who have even tried to stop me in the past...

I still have my goals to do every day but I think it's important that people understand it's not a good idea to stop me doing my goals.

So... I don't care about people who don't care about me...

But at the same time... I'm aware that sounds quite... aggressive... but at the same time I am connecting with some GREAT people and providing mutual value. I think they feel the energy that I am coming to win and want them to win too. Because you live one life, this ain't no game. There ain't no heaven with the fluffy angels.

There are some things I can be doing practically ALL THE TIME online to reach my goals and I've been spending a lot of time doing them. However I still want POWERFUL 'real life' experiences and to do property I'm going to have to have more 'real life' experience. Will probably be meeting some good people soon about that, will keep you posted, will give them some free publicity.

So yeah... blasting this out at two in the morning. Also I need to allocate a minimum of 15 min to exercise, obviously do more on that some days. That is probably the most essential thing I must do every day- I don't need to think or study to do it, just do it.