Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shares Can Make You Rich

Most people don’t have a clue about money. There are millions of people in the UK and all around the world whose cash sits in bank accounts earning no interest at all. That’s right, no interest at all. Banks like HSBC will charge you around 18% for going overdrawn. So if you want to borrow money from them that’s the rate they want... but they will give you nothing.

There is another way. You can invest in shares.

Investing in shares means owning a small amount of a company. Instead of just letting HSBC borrow your money you can own part of HSBC. If you research this, you will find that that top bosses will have LARGE numbers of shares in the companies that they work for. And at times they will use more of their MASSIVE salaries to buy EVEN MORE SHARES.

So you can see here that owning shares is something that really rich people do, millionaires. But you can do this too! You probably need at least a thousand pounds that you can invest for at least one year. That’s the bare minimum, ideally you should invest for longer and with more. But if you have that amount I recommend you go for it.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

"What do I think of the Chris Oil/ShareProphets DRAMA!?"

Blasting this one out just as the market opens...

Been v busy over the past month but I'm spending some time writing this one for fun.

There's been a lot of drama over at ShareProphets about Chris Oil 'abusing the market' by reportedly tweeting that a stock is a BUY... while SELLING!

Haven't spent a massive amount of time researching this, but let's assume that's true.

Now... is this... right or wrong? Good or bad?

I have to say that you SHOULDN'T make investment decisions on the basis of a tweet. You should do fundamental analysis of the share and in my view aim to make a good long term investment. A tweet is almost meaningless really. Remember that everyone is doing what they think is best for themselves. You have to take responsibility for the investment decisions you make.


I've never done that and never will. Personally I avoid AIM stocks anyway as they're mostly too risky.

But what else can I say... looking at the whole share investing and share writing picture?

Chris Oil rang me up a few months ago and we had an interesting conversation about oil. I think he knows his stuff there. One of my most recent share purchase has been Royal Dutch Shell. I do believe that over time oil prices will rise, and Shell should be in good position to exploit that. Decent yield and good PE ratio too. The shares are still worth a buy at this price- my father thinks so too and I'm trying to convince him to buy more despite the fact that he "has a lot of Shell already."

How much did Chris Oil get paid for writing at ShareProphets?


I don't think he really needed/needs the money that much. I have the feeling he likes writing anyway. I encouraged him to set up his own blogspot.

I also have to say though... when I was writing for another website I'm not even going to name he asked me to not write articles so that his articles would appear at the top of the webpage. I didn't do that and found it quite... shocking.

I don't know man... I guess the drama will be good for ShareProphets viewing figures. Anyway, back to more money making for me!