Saturday, 12 February 2011

Progress Report

Goals update!

Making myself accountable for my goals seems to really work! Since the last post, I've probably made more progress than anytime when I've set myself goals.

New job that I've started is going pretty well, and there's the potential for it to be great. It's challenging... and to be honest there have been moments when I've almost thought TOO challenging.... but then I overcome that and just get stronger.

Great part about it is, it's the perfect way for me to achieve three of my goals, and it's already started doing that. The goals I've set for 2011 are like most of the big ones I set- possible to do, but in reality very very difficult. I actually think if I perform at or close to my peak potential I will reach them this year.

The amount I can earn per hour in my new job is pretty amazing. And I want to put quite a lot of hours in. Just need to make sure I get the balance right.

In terms of monetary fulfilment, doing as many hours in this job in the right way is definitely the way to go. Which means less poker. I actually played a bit now just for fun, and it hit home to me now that my hourly in poker won't be close to this job. I still like poker though...... I'm tempted whether to set new poker goals, or just to have it as a 'passtime' with on concrete goals, other than to be a winning player obv.

Hope everything is going well with you and thanks for reading!