Monday, 18 November 2019

Looking for cheap UK shares... talking to lots of people but feel free to tell me what you think is cheap!

Looking for cheap UK shares... talking to lots of people but feel free to tell me what you think is cheap!

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

What Can I Be Paid to Write About?

So I've spent a fair bit of time recently researching copywriting...

There are some people who can't even speak fluent English making vast amounts of money from it.

It's good to specialize though... so here are the areas I feel I could write about for money.

Many areas related to money itself. I have over fourteen and a half years of share investing experience and have written about many UK companies for sites including Fool and ShareProphets. Within those articles have been general financial tips too, and some analysis of how the political situation in the UK influences shares.

There have been a multitude of people who like my share writing and I have good contacts within the UK share industry too. I will also promote my writing to drive traffic to your business or site.

I believe I can create interesting content about money saving and getting value for money too- I live like this and always have.

I have a worldwide selling novel too- any company or person who pays me a reasonable amount for some writing can have this for free. I can proofread or help with many elements of creative writing. I read plenty of articles on the internet any day- even big sites like the Daily Mail sometimes have basic proofreading errors in them sometimes!

I have a HNC in English Studies and have read over 2,000 books in my lifetime. So I'll be sending this sort of message to sites I think are suitable yet if you're reading this and have a project please get in touch!

Mark Howitt


Free sample of my writing- this has also featured on Yahoo.


Tweeting this out so I'm doing my goal of spending some time on copywriting today...

I have over 200,000 views on my share writing worldwide and over 116,000 views on my own website. I am available for very competitive rates- please contact me if interested.