Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 Review and 2012 Goals

2011 Year Review

Alright... so let’s review my 2011 goals.

Play amazing poker. I want to play cash games at quite a lot higher level than I do now, and by this time next year I will do. Already deposited more in, tomorrow I start the gradual progression. I certainly will do this.

I didn’t really put much effort into this... more into sales. It’s good that I’m flexible enough to change focus. 2012, I think I probably will play less poker- have more money per hour doing sales. I’ve cashed most of my money out of ps and may even just use the fpps and tickets I have there. Plus poker tilts me too much when I lose. Poker only as an occasional hobby, when I don’t have the chance to do things that pay me more per hour or give me more fulfilment. I played far less poker than in the previous two years. Overall I played well, sometimes very well (in January I scored some pretty big tournament wins, outplaying people of Supernova Elite status), but have run pretty badly all year. This is what poker players call variance, although to be honest I didn’t run great in 2010 either, 2009 was alright. Hopefully there will still be some decent poker wins in my free time- I feel that my overall game is very strong now, and I can even take a bit of time off and come back close to that level if I need to.

I spent more of my free time doing surveys, and these have worked out pretty well. I’m a member of five good survey sites now, and would like to get even better at doing these and get a higher hourly rate doing them.
I’m also looking at ecommerce opportunities, so feel free to contact me if you have some decent knowledge in this field. At the right rate I’m available for any kind of writing. In poker, I need to calculate how much I’m making per hour and compare it properly with other activities. If I decide to put a reasonable amount of energy into poker, I need to work on how to improve my rate per hour.


Reach a high overall wealth. I’m setting myself an ambitious target again, and I’m ready to put all my energy and talent into getting it. I’m ready to do this- this time next year I expect my cash and share value to be a decent figure.

So I didn’t quite make this, although I have put all my energy into getting it. I purposely set myself a ‘stretch’ target so I’d push my boundaries, and although I didn’t quite get there I’m still reasonably happy with how I’ve done. The main reasons why I haven’t got there are not earning enough commission in the sales jobs I’ve had- partly my fault, partly not.

The stock market hasn't been performing too well... I’m long term buy and hold, and although the shares I’ve bought this year have gone up in value, existing ones haven’t. However, I am reasonably confident that in the long term my share portfolio will grow in value, and I do have a decent stream of dividends coming in.

People ask me why I think about money so much sometimes- I probably exaggerate how much I do, but part of the reason is I like the challenges I have to set myself and the person I have to become to get money.

I aim to earn more commission in sales jobs, buy shares wisely, and explore other ways of making more money in 2012. Short story, I’ve been a bit unlucky this year with earning money, but if I keep putting the same effort in, my ‘luck’ will change.

I’ve played very strong ‘defence’ in being careful with spending money, (I’ve done that all my life) but I need to play stronger offence in earning money. This may will involve investing and risking money, and buying things for myself.


Perform superbly in sales. This year in periods I’ve performed the best ever so far in sales. Under very challenging conditions too. Well I’ve learnt from that, and I’m learning every day. 2011 will be my best sales year yet!

I read something from Brian Tracy and it hit home to me:

"Remember, it takes just as long to be great as to be mediocre. The time is going to pass anyway. Your job is to commit to excellence, to get better and better each day, and to never, never stop until you reach the summit."

I love Brian Tracy. He’s like my grandfather guru. He’s right- you’re going to die and become nothing eventually, so you’ve got to make the most of the time you have. This article explains it superbly:

Comfort zones are for wimps.

Again, I’ve put the effort in. And in terms of actual sales skill I think I’ve performed the best I ever have. The results will come. The failings weren’t in actual sales ability- more to do with things like organisation.


So in 2011 I want to push my comfort zone and meet more GREAT people. Mutual fulfillment is what it's about, so I want to learn from them and provide value to them too.

I’ve done reasonably well in this area. I know a number of high value people who really inspire me, and encourage me to push my comfort zone. Congratulations to them! I've given it my best shot to provide value to them too, and am fairly pleased with how I've done on that. The high value new people I've met this year have the potential to be great, and I'm looking forward to watching them win the future. All the great people I know at the start of the year I still know now. My family have given me great support. Chances are if you're reading this blog there's a good chance you've helped me with my goals, and I appreciate that. I've recommended to friends to write down their own goals, which I think will help them. Whether you publish it for the world to see is up to you, but after twelve years of writing and studying goals, I have been more focused on my goals in 2011 than ever before, and part of that I attribute to sharing them publically. Keeps me accountable! I’ve done fairly nicely in meeting new people, but want to know more!

However, I do need to make sure I recognise people who are stopping me reach their goals and not allow them to, to put it mildly.

The best way to show people I appreciate their support is to succeed.


2012 Goals

2012 is going to be my best year yet. I’m going to blast through my comfort zone and achieve big things. Time to use money I’ve saved as great self investment.

Concrete daily, weekly and monthly goals are good too, will do these.

Here are my yearly goals which I will put all my energy and skill into achieving.

More money- I have an 'at least goal' a 'high goal' and a 'stretch goal'. I wil have no wealth barriers, I know I deserve and am worth it. Monitor money better, check sales performance carefully.

Even better at sales- killing it. I also want to be an expert in influencing and negotiating. Ready to do this in every way, managing, recruiting, training and selling. Better opportunities, more commission. Same effort level or even more effort, more skill. Better personal presentation, more self investment.

Better people. Done alright on this but want to meet even better ones. Have more to offer! Be more social. Help high value people with their goals pragmatically.

I realise the main goals I’ve written down aren’t the only things in life. Being in as physically good condition as possible, and challenging your mind intellectually with new experiences are important, and I will aim to incorporate these within my goals.

I'd like to calculate the amount of fulfilment I receive per hour... quite hard to quantify, but I should at least make sure what I am doing in my 'spare time' is consistent with my non monetary goals.

I want to write more quality content, potentially audio or even video content too, providing authentic and original value, which should lead to increased hits.

I want to improve my level of health, eating better foods.

Less internet drama, focus more on positivity.