Friday, 29 May 2020

Writer if Not Paid?

Quickly blasting this out...


He prob gets too much FREE publicity but just thinking about something Chris Bailey said...

You're only a writer (he might have said pro writer) if you get paid for it... it's a hobby if not.

Maybe true, maybe not.

In this consumer we'll tax you for everything society... it helps to get paid...


You may be just blasting something personal out that you want to... in the flow not wanting money.

You might write about things that are not 'monetizable'...

You may have ENOUGH money not to even need money to write... I'm more or less at that stage... sure I wouldn't turn down money for writing but even with my paid writing... it's like I would never write anything I didn't want to even if I was getting paid...

Anyways.. paid or not I still like writing... lots to do today... connect with me personally if you feel we can add value to each other :).

Monday, 25 May 2020



So been less content here than usual... just yesterday got over 170 views from the USA alone...

I may well do an interesting 130,000 post...

I have been writing for my Facebook friends more... it's part of my strategy to provide value for those who give me value...

If you are are cool and think we could bring each other mutual fulfillment.. add me on Facebook ;)

Still available for paid writing... may look into this more.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Just Jack Disco Friends

She's got a whole lot of disco friends

She's got a whole lot of disco friends
Disco ladies and gentlemen
Eating their faces from the inside out
Freaky dancing til the late am
Music slipping down the wall like sweat
She's catching fishies in a disco net
Throwing kisses in the powder room
Slowly sucking on a cigarette

She knows an awful lot of disco kids
Novelty sun glasses and mullet wigs
She says she wants to be a sti-earl-list
Or maybe something in the music biz
Daddy's rich, mummy's beautiful
They always said she'd make a top model
But now she's hiding out in disco land
A happy clappy trustafarian
Oh yeah

Disco friends

Disco friends

Monday, 4 May 2020

Classic Post

Thursday, 25 July 2019
As A Writer I Will Not Be A Sheep


Hot here in the UK... quite hard to sleep...

So that's mean you're getting a pure instinct article...

As a writer I will not be a sheep...

I've just finished rereading my Fool articles again...

And you know what... in a way I have to say the editor did a good job...

But... there will be no editing here...

So on the first article I said that I believed Boris Johnson would be the new Prime Minister... I think they edited that a bit. I believed I knew he would be and he did. Then the editing came in that I thought 'he could be' a better negotiator than May, something like that.

I think you'd have to be... very bad at negotiating to be as bad as May. I think will Johnson will be much better...

So... I mean that's what I actually think... I still think that article is good overall though...

It's like... as a writer, taxpayer and just person I will not just be a taxpaying sheep. My sister gets paid FAR MORE than me in wages as a doctor... I can't spend my life just paying her wages if the NHS is wasting money treating people who haven't paid money in. That's just stupid and wouldn't happen in most EU countries...

Some public sector workers do a good job (my sister is actually a good doctor, pays out of her own money to go to foreign countries and helps people)... but others are... lucky to be in a job for life...

I think a lot of public sector workers would have quite a shock trying to work in the private sector. I mean... I reckon a lot of them wouldn't last long...

Yep... it's like I've been doing a few online chats today... talking about how "I wanted to be a writer since I was young"...

I said... I'm good but it's hard to get paid for it.

Actually got published aged 4 in The Huddersfield Examiner...

Don't buy the Examiner now though... because it's Labour owned...

Sorry Robert Sutcliffe... lols.

It's like... 35 now... still a writer.

I'm getting too old to pull punches... I have to deliver realness... even if some people don't like it.

There's too much unskilled labour from the EU (and other parts of the world)... this drives British wages down. Britain is overpopulated too...

It's quite a hard balance being a share investor, writer... and just Mark Howitt, British.

But unskilled (and criminal) immigration needs to be dealt with.


A lot has changed in shares since then... yet I'm still investing... feel free to contact me.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

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