Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to Play Texas Hold’em

How to Play Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em poker is the most popular form of poker in the world and this article will teach you how to play.

The game consists of two cards being dealt to each player and then five community card being dealt by the dealer and the players will use a combination of these cards to make the best five card hand. Whoever has the best hand at the end of the betting will win the pot.

Here is the list of the rank of hands, starting with the lowest.

A High card- the highest card is an Ace, followed by King, Queen... One pair is two cards of the same rank, such as two Aces. Two pair is two cards of the same rank and another two cards of the same rank, such as two Aces and two Kings. Three of a kind is three cards of the same rank such as three Aces.

A Straight is five cards of sequential rank, such as 10, Jack, Queen, King Ace. A Flush is five cards of the same suit, such as Ace of hearts, two of hearts, five of hearts, seven of hearts and eight of hearts. A Full House is thee of a kind and a pair, such as Ace, Ace Ace and King King. Four of a kind is four cards of the same rank such as Ace Ace Ace Ace. Straight Flush is a straight of entirely one suit such as Ten of diamonds Jack of diamonds Queen of Diamonds King of Diamonds Ace of Diamonds. Royal Flush An Ace-High straight of one suit.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Listening to the voice inside your head... then ACTING on it.

Are you really living an authentic life if something rushes through your head, be it an image or words, and you don't act on it?

Probably not.

Why did I say 'probably'? Well, you CERTAINLY aren't if you have programmed into your subconscious the right things you want for yourself. Even if you haven't, you probably know them anyway, they'll just be less clear in your head.

So yeah, you have to act on them. In the visualisation I've been doing today, I've been picturing myself at the end of my life, at an awards ceremony or something, saying "Yeah... I wasn't 'supposed' to have the level success I have now, this wasn't supposed to 'happen' to me. But no matter what people said to me, no matter what the situation, I've always had that self belief. People are more skilled than me in certain aeras, but very few have that same level of inner belief." (And understanding I guess.)

Anyway yeah... have to make that happen. I will though. Part of this post came out of writing an email to Stevie PUA- click on link to visit his site. I'd recommend clicking on all of the links if you haven't already.