Thursday, 28 March 2019

More practical time will be spent on property today. Appreciate good advice :)

More practical time will be spent on property today. Appreciate good advice :)

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Liz Baitson

Have to say great to meet with Liz Baitson today... have the feeling she is very passionate about property and hope to do some deals soon. Mutual value to be exchanged!

Saturday, 23 March 2019


Another quick property blast...

Just been thinking of the 'other things' aka costs involved in buying a property including lawyers fees...

Made me think about the 'other things' I can potentially add to anyone I do a property deal with... or even talk to quite a bit...

I can certainly give share advice... been doing that for 20 years with 180,000 views on my share articles worldwide... how much is that worth...

For the right kind of person that could be worth TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds...

Also one other area I could help in on a smaller scale... and I have put together a great offer for those people I like in this area... if anyone offered me a similar deal in property... well I'd be biting their hand off and already own many properties already!!

Makes me think though... how many people see the value in these things... I can tell if they do or they don't... doesn't kill me either way if they do these things...

But those who DO get it... please calculate this into your evaluations when offering me property deals :) Still want to do some soon.


Getting a lot of offers of properties from these groups which is good!

I read them all- the ones I give most time to are ones in West and South Yorkshire though. After years of research I am ready to pull the trigger... the really good ones I will get experts to look at too AFTER I've put plenty of time into researching them.

Oh and property with tenants or even HMOs already occupied... YES... these are good...

Obviously though I would go and see the property and interview the tenants- I wouldn't take any 'problem' tenants.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Greene King plc and Barratt Developments

I talk to a lot of people about shares... even had a company tweet me about it recently... so let's look at a previous article and expand..

Why I think Greene King plc and Barratt Developments Plc could offer share price growth potential

I’m feeling optimistic about the prospects for Greene King plc (LON:GNK) (GNK.L) and Barratt Developments Plc (LON:BDEV) (BDEV.L)
September 11, 2017

At the time of writing, Greene King plc (LON:GNK) (GNK.L) is trading at 557p after a 15.71% fall on Friday. Could this pub giant give my wealth an uplift?

Instinctively, I feel that the market may have over reacted to Greene King’s trading statement. Like for like sales were down 1.2% compared to a sector decrease of 0.7%. The company also blamed the weather for sales. In addition, I think there could be some problems with UK discretionary consumer spend which may hurt the company’s overall performance in the near term.

Fundamentally, the share looks attractive to me now. The dividend yield is 5.98% and the good news is it is relatively well covered. Cover was 2.13 for 2017 and 2.18 for 2016. There has also been consistent dividend growth over the years, with a rise of over 3.5% for 2017 and 7.73% for 2016.

So, the shares could well be worth adding to my portfolio after their recent fall. After all, the drop has pushed Greene King to levels last seen in around 2012. Even three months ago the shares were trading around 750p. The year high is 805p. I think that while its performance may have disappointed many investors, it could be a solid long term buy and hold option for me.

Another share with UK consumer interest in Barratt Developments Plc (LON:BDEV) (BDEV.L). This company delivered strong results recently with a 39% increase in the ordinary dividend and a bumper bonus special dividend of 17.3p per share.

I continue to hold a decent amount of this company in my portfolio. At the time of writing the shares are trading at 601p after a 1.4% fall on Friday. The visible dividend yield is now 4.07% but much more when the special dividend is taken into account. The PE is 11.04. A strong ‘hold’ in my view, and one for my watchlist.

So Greene King has been doing very well overall- I'm a real talk share writer unlike most others out there... I'm up over 40% so far plus dividends...

BDEV I sold at 606p... but it's on my watchlist to buy again at the right price.


Blasting this out at 2:30... AM...

So yeah I haven't been writing down daily goals... because sometimes writing can be a form of procrastination...

But I have been DOING them...

Called about 13 estate agents... all quite friendly and all actually women... they should make themselves a bit easier to find on LinkedIn though... having done a lot of sales jobs I know that good sales people are at least proactive... VERY good ones are VERY proactive...

Have the opportunity to view 2 potential projects today with my rich colleague... might go for the learning experience but being directly honest I want a stake in them to be really interested as I have many ways of making money ONLINE...

I have plenty of money and plenty of money coming in though... hundreds of pounds in dividends and other things...

So yeah... just selecting some easy doable things to do each day and doing them!


Have had lots of likes and views on this so here's more content...

My share mentor Chris Bailey is fond of telling me what to do... and currently he is telling me I have TOO MUCH CASH...

Ha well you can never have enough cash... but atm my percentage of cash is too high.

Fact is though I am ready to POUNCE on the right opportunity... in shares it's as easy as clicking a button with property it's more complex... but if I see a GREAT deal I will do it...

From all the research and people I've chatted to I know there are many deals where basically people put no money in (apart from perhaps lawyer fees)... but the thing about me is I could easy buy a house outright in cash if needed...

Would prefer to get finance though... as a shareholder in banks I know they can basically get money for free...

Anyway from viewing two plots of land yesterday and thinking about things there are actually a lot of different groups of people I need to get to know more... probably should spend more time networking with builders and finance people... also lawyers in time.

THANKS for all the likes... let's win together!

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Room Rent

Considering renting a spare room out in my property on a nightly basis. Pictures to follow, rate would be around £30 a night for the right people. Please contact me if interested.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Why I Want to Make Money in Property

Blasting this out early morning before work...

Quick article about WHY I want to make money in property...

First thing really is... to make money. Property is a good solid investment which will always go up over time provided you buy it at the right price. Plus you can add value to it by improving it. It's quite easy to get finance for a property even though I could buy several outright if I wanted to.

Then hitting my second goal- it's possible to meet high quality people through property and I've already met quite a few. A power team is needed and I need to get good relationships with cleaners, builders, lawyers and other property investors. Already doing quite well with this yet but obviously when I'm working on actual projects the relationships will be deeper.

And at some point it may give me the independence that I may never need another regular job again. That already may happen with shares- but with long term buy and hold share investing I don't need to spend much time on it anyway.

So yeah... daily goals from now on and I hope to connect with you if we can mutually benefit.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Daily goals from now on.

Daily goals from now on.

Tim Matcham

Good call with Tim Matcham today. Going to set myself daily goals and happy to connect with more people doing SA in Yorkshire. Good point that Tim made was to actually buy the property for capital appreciation- I may do that as long with doing some rent to rent.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Walk done- make time for walking whenever I can.

Walk done- make time for walking whenever I can.

Pay Your Mentors Back

Quick early morning article...

I think the best way to pay your mentors back is by doing your goals. Actually written about this before 10 years ago... but I know not all of you will have read that...

There are only two people I know who I would call mentors... and they're like in the top 0.1% of ability in what they do. And it's like I say thank you etc... but the real payback I think is if they see what I achieve. And I have to achieve much more.

Other quick tip- I always tell my mentors pretty much everything about what I'm doing that for that area. But it's pretty important to do what they say... not think about it too much.

Walking one mile today.

Walking one mile today.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

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Friday, 15 March 2019

Share update... up £800 yesterday and £800 today.

Share update... up £800 yesterday and £800 today.


Very true. I'm currently at the stage (after 4 YEARS of basically free research and doing one buy to let) of considering investing with someone for a lower rate of return than I could get from my money elsewhere (easier and safer too) IF that person really wants to help me learn- practical real world help. Probably that person knows that TEACHING something is the way that you really know you know it yourself.

Thursday, 14 March 2019


From Saturday I am going full on on property. Already spent quite a bit of time on it today- while doing many other things. Yet from Saturday the area where I have been spending a lot of time on for a year (making good money)... I will be doing it less even though I can still make good money from it. Time to cash in on property I have plenty to invest!

Wednesday, 13 March 2019


Hello, baby (Skrt)
Don't be so paro, baby
Don't be so shallow baby (Shallow, baby)
Together we'll barrow, baby (Yeah)
You'll get the straight arrow, baby (Yeah)
I'm on the straight narrow, baby
I wing and go sparrow crazy
Like Donald Duck, I know Daisy


Been hustling a lot past few days... shares doing well today with BP soaring...

Yet after this Friday I will have a lot more free time to do other things. I have more money to invest in shares and property now... been spending more time on property today. With the right support I believe I will make a decent amount of money in property and certainly want to...

Over time I will have to develop and enhance current relationships with lawyers, builders, other investors... and develop new ones with cleaners. All a learning process so feel free to connect.

Sunday, 10 March 2019



22h22 hours ago
Through music the passions enjoy themselves. #Nietzsche

Saturday, 9 March 2019



i don't fucking write for people to interact

Mark Howitt
i do it because i like it" I do love my direct convos lols ;)

Do What You Want In Life...

Just had long phone call and been thinking about things today...

You've got to do what you want in life or there is no point. Remember everyone's doing what they think is best for themselves so NEVER feel bad about doing what you want- I don't. In fact I am too much of a nice guy sometimes...

But I do like writing so I'm going to do more of it. That's why I'm doing it now just off the top of my head... writing and seeing if good stuff comes out. Most of the time it does.

But anyway... I do have to figure out how to spend all of my money before death. I did a couple of things today that were stupid regarding money... but I cheered myself up by saying I have never done anything as stupid before with money in my life and I never will again. A lot of people do stupid things with money all the time... like paying rent really. My sister is a doctor and has.

Anyway I have also done some other things today which means... more time on shares and potentially property.

I want a good return and to learn from property... hopefully meeting Liz Baitson soon who will help...

But yeah... I actually need to spend a bit more time on shares too...

But then there's OTHER things that I will be spending more time on too... because you've got to enjoy what you do...

Tuesday, 5 March 2019


Anyone can say anything. It's free to talk. It's free to lie...

But not everyone will pay you money. Or invest money in you. Those that do value you and take you seriously.

Don't Be 'Conditioned'

When I was at uni I walked out of a lecture.

There were about 300 people listening to the lecture. It was actually better than most of the lectures this uni guy had given- I had laughed at some of the jokes in it. But I checked my watch. This lecture had gone over the time limit and I needed to stick to my writing schedule. So I walked out.

The lecturer actually stopped talking all the time I was walking out. I didn't care, I just walked out with everyone watching.

Merrick Burrow never really liked me after that. I got some very bad marks for that English module.

Yet you have to go for your goals no matter what the 'social conditioning' situation is. If I could go back in time I wouldn't have gone to uni at age 18- I would have done some kind of sales job probably. Search for my 'Should You Go to University' article for more on this... for many people going to uni means less money for them (loss of earnings) and actually conditions them to be lazy.

It's not what your uni wants. It's not what your school wants. It's not what your parents want.

It's what you want.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Property Update

Quick property update... here's what I wrote before...

I am open to investing in property for the right return and learning experience. I have been researching property and have done one buy to let since 2015 so I know what the potential real returns are. I believe at some point I will be good at sourcing and negotiating property deals potentially by myself yet want to learn more first.

Any investment I make will be done on the principles of ADDING VALUE to the investment and also LEARNING from who I invest with. Please make contact if you believe you have a suitable investment.

As of now I have more money, knowledge and contacts. Looking to do something practical in property soon... been learning this 2014 yet time has come for action. I know all the theory and 'numbers' people can make so obviously I'm looking for a good deal yet have to get started soon!

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Make Sure You've Got Your Own Act Together

Early morning post after an interesting night out in Hudds...


Pretty decent goal day yesterday... but there were a couple of things I could have done which I didn't do...

I need to ensure I have done everything I want to do for myself before even chatting to other people. And the only people I should be chatting to are HIGH VALUE people... which I pretty much did all yesterday. At least I have been goal focused for the last 10 hours...

Because let's be real- those close to me know what my goals are. So I write my Annabel article... pretty good, gets the views etc...

Of course Annabel isn't going to respond. She's just going to keep taking her BBC money and keep on being an actress. Her or her agent etc will have probably 'taken note'...


I am going to keep on being a writer. At my age I should be around my peak so I have to deliver on that. I could be more famous but I never am a writer just to get famous.

People can peak at different age for different things. A woman's 'sexual market value' will probably have peaked by the age of 30... that's just in terms of looks. A lot of writers didn't get a book out until their 30s... I did mine at 21. But there is more to come... and I'm at the stage where I don't even NEED the money... which is a pretty good position compared to most writers.

I'm not just a writer. I am a share investor and am even in a 'share job' now. Horace Howitt, Richard Howitt and now Mark Howitt. It's in my blood and it's my duty to be the best investor the Howitt family has ever seen. My job as a share investor is to make as much money as possible and then make the best decisions with that money. I'm getting better at it. As long as I have enough money I will always be a share investor.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

"I've got the vocab girl... don't you worry your pretty little head about that..."

"I've got the vocab girl... don't you worry your pretty little head about that..."


By the way... if you're interested in me doing articles... I can do quite cheaply. It's not worth loads of my time 'applying' to lots of sites yet I have over 180,000 views on my share articles for sites such as so contact me if you're interested.

If You're Rich It's Not Worth Going To Aldi

Word up...

So views are going pretty well at the moment... going to vary the content a bit with a NEW article.

If you're rich it's not worth going to Aldi...

I still check out supermarkets just for interest. I visited a Tesco express yesterday (I've shorted Tesco before successfully)... and the store actually was very similar to Aldi... just with more brand names and worse prices...

Yet if you compare the Aldi I use most with a Morrisons... I can see why a rich person would choose to use Morrisons.

Just want to state at this point Morrisons did employ a lying 'woman' called Violet Rowan who conned me out of money (future landlords beware) so I don't have any love for them really...

But WHY if you're rich is it not worth shopping at Aldi... if the prices were cheaper and everything was the same it would be...

But you have to factor in other things like... how long it takes to get a parking space... how long it takes to get and put back a trolley... how long you are waiting in store...

For a rich person earning say 80 pounds an hour- Aldi not worth it...

Maybe even 30 pounds an hour...

But I still believe Aldi will continue to grow because obviously few people are earning 80 pounds an hour and it's not even that many who earn 30 an hour.

Personally I will aim to 'switch it up' by going to Morrisons and other stores some times... they need to better their prices though.