Sunday, 21 February 2021

Financial Goal

Blasting this Out as a Facebook Exclusive for Now...

Have a Financial Goal!
Sure, money isn't the only thing in the world. I think of it just as a score in a computer game...
However it seems a lot of people are playing the game... so you might as well play it...
You do need money to live...
Have a look at how much money you have now. Then set yourself a FINANCIAL GOAL of what you want to reach by a CERTAIN DATE.
From 2011 to 2020 I actually did this myself and posted it on the net... without being specific on the net about the amount... yet I knew myself.
So what you want to do is phrase it as I WANT TO MAKE THIS AMOUNT OR MORE by a certain date. This gives you a target to reach... you can give yourself 10/10 if you reach this target... yet you can also make MORE.

Are you being OVERCHARGED on your Gas and Electricity Bills?

Are you being OVERCHARGED on your Gas and Electricity Bills?
With many people staying at home now, many are worried about their gas and electricity bills.
I've worked for British Gas, Npower and SSE. I switched hundreds of people, saving them money.
Now you probably shouldn't be with any of those companies. Others are cheaper.
Switching your gas and electricity supplier is easy... takes a few minutes. If you want to have a free chat with me about this and other money saving areas and are in the UK feel free to contact me.