Saturday, 14 December 2013

Mr Moneysaving Expert

Who's the best at getting money? The person who has a great defensive game, understands the value and prices of things, gives great free advice... but who doesn't get £3000 a month salary (after tax) or a girl who has a rubbish defensive game, doesn't understand the value of things, recieves great free advice (but doesn't take it)... but who DOES get £3000 a month salary (after tax)?

Yep it's number two. Happens to be my sister.

Have to give credit in some ways though, because despite costing the family extra money in some ways, and throwing money away in others, she's the slowest member of the family in giving me birthday money usually lol!

Alright so that's quite a direct opening to a post, but it's a serious issue for me. Mentioned it briefly before, but need to hammer it into my mind. I give other people free advice about money (I like doing it) who use the advice better (think Stevie PUA)... and do get great value advice back (although high quality people will only give you a certain amount of time). But like... with my sister I've spent so much time giving free advice I'm just direct now about how she can help me reach my goals "I'd like some money." She'd rather spend it on clothes though.

So from now I'm only giving advice of any kind to people who VALUE it and TAKE ACTION. Those are the people who are worth my time.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Your Narrative

Right... time for a new post. I'm getting to 20,000 hits this month, so this should accelerate it. Quick prelude... not sure it's the right move to give autistic people the role of 'moderator' in certain forums... whenever you deny free speech it's never a good idea. Personally, I always get heard anyway.

So... your narrative. Some people have no direction in their life- in some ways you could say it's not their fault. They are just doing the nice safe thing, going to uni, watching football etc etc. I wonder why, even though I know a lot of high quality people, very few people write down clear cut goals on the internet. I mean... in some ways that's the sensible thing to do... if you write down tough goals, logically you can fail. And who wants to fail in front of the world?

Far easier to be part of the herd. People have this built in 'survival' instinct... get rejected as a caveman, and you can die.

Unless you're willing to fail you'll never suceed in anything important though.

We're not cavemen now though, although a lot of people act like that. There's more to learn and discover than ever before. When you come to the end of your life, make sure you've done what YOU want, not just be a sheep.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

'Pop Over'

Quick tip... when negotiating there's often a case of someone buying into another's 'frame'. So someone might ask you to 'pop over' to see them. So they're saying two words, and expecting you to make an investment of time and petrol. I have fallen for this once this year by conforming to 'social norms' or just not doing enough research, but won't in future.

Best frame is 'win win'... where both people want positive outcome, and will invest similar amount.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Best Alive

I read a lot of books when I was younger. I was in awe of most of the writers. Especially reading John Updike... such an amazing flow. I read as much of him as I could. It staggered me how many books he'd written... I was like "Fuck John... you're a great writer and you STILL have time to read everything... don't know how you do it."

John Updike died a while ago. Rare for a writer, it was even in the news. I haven't really had chance to think about it much, too busy doing sales, but if you want to think about it from a writing perspective it's a tragedy for the world.

I've read quite a lot of interviews with Updike and the interviewers were trying to find out his 'writing secrets'. He was like, I just write everyday. If your readers write everday they could become good writers and write books too.

Well... it's a bit different from that. You have to have intelligence, bit of luck perhaps, people supporting you... if you want to get a book published conventionally it's very hard. But writing each day is an essential part of it.

Everyone dies. People eventually slow down when they're alive. It's happening to my father now to an extent. When I was a runner at 14, I thought that I would just keeping getting faster as I got older. You don't.

With mental activities it's different to physical ones though. If you keep doing something every day... well you might not be the best alive, but you might become the best in your town or city.

Quick shout out here too... recently became friends with Bernard Cornwell on Facebook. Interviewers asked him if he ever got 'writers block'... he said nurses don't get nurses' block. Offered to reivew 'The Pagan Lord' here, maybe that will happen, maybe not. TBH... I might even buy it. Someone gave me a book token.

Monday, 16 September 2013

All that Matters is the Now

Future leading statements, you can't prove them. Backwards leading statements... you can sometimes learn from them. But you can't change the past. Just take the good parts from it, and work on what didn't go right.

It's really important to enjoy the now. People were quite surprised really, working at a call centre (which conned me out of money and made me work longer than I should have done for no pay)... I was still happy. Co-workers asked me if I'd always been this way... no. I rationalised it by telling myself that at least I was getting paid something- much of my life had been wasted by 'formal education' that was mainly worthless. If you're living in the UK for the most part, there's a lot to be thankful for. And if you feel like there isn't it's your responsiblity to make it better for yourself.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Abstract Concepts can Cost you Money

"It's good for the community". "This is really socially responsible". "This development is needed for our long term sustainability..."

Bitch please. Had to get that last one in for the developers in Lascelles Hall and Huddersfield in general. How about saying "We want to build something creating loads of noise pollution and everything bad which we haven't thought of... so we can make money." That would actually be honest. Things like "socially responsible" and "our (?) long term sustainability" are just bullshit leftist concepts which you have to see through. When reading things think exactly how they relate to your goals.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

What's in it for You?

Every time you do something or learn something you should ask yourself...

What's in it for me?

This idea actually comes from a book called "Accelerated Learning for the Twenty First Century"... a book I started reading when I was 16. Didn't apply all the lessons in it though, but now I am doing more. Personally now, things I do have to be aligned with my goals. That means I'm investing time to get money, or meet great people for instance. I spent too long just doing qualifications because of social conditioning. Make sure you don't make the same mistake... everything you do and everything learn, ask yourself "What's in it for me?"

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Closer or Further Away

Everything you do brings you closer or further away from your goals. I feel my goals are clearly defined in my mind... where I can improve is calibrating them when dealing with other people. Of course, everyone's always doing what they think is best for themselves, and what's best for them, or what they think is best for you, might not be best for you.


You have to calibrate understanding what other people want, their motives for it, then work out how to reach your goals from that.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

You earn money by producing value

The UK society doesn't value people playing chess much. Sure, it may develop your mind but people on the whole aren't willing to pay money to sponsor or watch it. This explains why one of the best chessplayers in the UK, Luke McShane, has a job in the city instead of playing chess much.

Overall when earning money the more rare or valuable your talent or skill is, the more you will get paid. So somone working in a supermarket won't get paid that much, because there are a large number of people who could do that, but a 'star footballer' will get paids hundreds or thousands times more because apparently not many people could do that. And people like watching football.

Sooo... how does this relate to YOUR GOALS? You have to discover something that people value and will pay you for which YOU like too.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fifteen Thousand

My first post here, I could barely write.

Four years after my novel came out, not that many people had bought it. Just come through a very stressful sales job. Now we’re nearly four years on from that... Just goes to show that you can lose things if you don’t practise. I haven’t spent as much time writing as I used to, but I honestly think I’ve created some killer minimalist posts on this blog.

Anyway, here’s a link to some of my best posts

The last one is probably the most relevant. Bit of clarification on it, everyone at any time is doing what they think is best for themselves. That doesn’t mean it is best for themselves- eventually too much drinking and smoking will kill you. But getting your goals is having a clear idea of what you want, then working with and sometimes against people to make sure you get them. And of course, people often get what’s best for themselves by working together with others. To do that you need quality people and ideally you should be helping each other towards your goals. Bluntly honest, I haven’t always been great at that, but I feel now I have a very strong network.

Anyway.... fifteen thousand. If you think of the numbers as people it’s hard to take in. Even if only one thousand five hundred properly read the blog it’s still a massive number of people. People ask me why I write, and it’s always pure self expression for me. I never write hoping other people will like it. Some of the things I’m thinking of writing now will be quite controversial, and probably turn a few people off. But really, that’s the kind of things I should be writing. You only live once, and I want people to say when I die that I’m an original writer.

Still, there’s part of me that does get a hit knowing the people like it. Pretty much all of the people I like read my blog, and I’ve reconnected with some real winners through this. Hope I inspire you all to express yourself more.

I definitely see me getting to six figures. Will use more time for writing and publish in different places. Here’s to the journey.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Your Network

Another quick post... and first a quick thanks to say that March was a record all time hits for this blog :)

Labelled this post 'your network' but it applies to your friends too. I think it's really important to have a strong network, and a bit of variety helps too. Like I have people who are quite a bit younger and older in my network. People who are quite a bit richer and poorer. As long as we can help each other, it's all good. I'll always give a chance to someone who doesn't 'add value' yet but has the potential to.

At the same time, I'm more quick to cut people off now if I have to. Thankfully, it's rare I have to do this since I have an awesome network, but cutting people off is at least, if not more, important than having new people.

This year I made the decision to focus more on building my network more than being 'superb at sales'. I think in the long run, this will bring more success. It's going quite well so far, but could go better. I think I'll write a fairly detailed summary of this at my end of year review... but let's just say that at the moment I have access to some really cool people who are near the top of the world in their area of expertise... but that 'access' is mainly online, lols. Doing pretty well in meeting great people in real life... could do better though! I'm at about 7/10.

Feel free to connect with me- the best people in my network I've been friends with for more than ten years without having an argument with them! I'm always ready to help good people reach their goals, and they're always ready to help me.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Don't Overestimate

Quick post here... don't overestimate how hard things can be, or how absurd the world can be. Just in your everyday life you will see plenty of instances which are just stupid- but they happen every day. Just because someone is paid a high wage or has good 'education' doesn't mean they can't do daft things. And you have to be ready for these instances to win...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Abstract and Exact

Quick post here... something that's been on my mind a while.

I think it's certainly good to obtain things that are exact rather than abstract. Any prediction into the future is abstract to an extent... "I believe you'll be great at sales/poker". You might THINK that's a nice thing to hear, but I'd rather actually just demonstrate, with concrete results, being good in the present.

The whole thing is... I've spent my life immersed in words, yet they don't mean a thing. Anybody can say anything. That's why I feel super comfortable rejecting any written communication now... I've written a novel based on reading thousands and thousands of books and thinking deeply for so long, yet plenty of people think it's ok not to read it.

You can use words to mystify things, amp people up, put them down. None of it means anything- unless you allow it to. That's why having concrete measurable goals is so important- but DIFFICULT often. You know that each minute of the day you're not doing something towards them you are actually moving further away, or at best standing still. Goals like "I want to be a good boyfriend" or "I want to help people" (family member has last one as goal) are pretty lame. You can easily tell yourself you're a good boyfriend. If you're 'helping someone' part of that (a large part I think) is to make yourself feel good. And on that goal, it's better to help yourself first before helping others- that way you can give better help if you want to. I personally couldn't set a goal to 'help people' until I felt I was perfect myself, and even then I'd make it much more measurable.